WorkOut Style:

We started this site to celebrate all that is new and stylish in sportswear for the ambitious gent. Over the last decade lots of stylish, sophisticated yet functional fitness fashion and active lifestyle wear has evolved for women but men have been somewhat excluded. Here we hope to highlight some great niche brands, that offer variety, style and function.

We strive to promote only the best athletic and active lifestyle apparel: We’re about fitness style that is more GQ than Man U. We believe looking and feeling good whilst training gives an edge that motivates and inspires success.  We provide on the go solutions for the go-getter, fit gent from shopping for stylish workout and lifestyle wear to healthy recipes to fuel a demanding, work hard, play hard schedule.

We’ll probably be preaching to the choir, if anyone at all and hope that we don’t, in fact, preach. Just our thoughts and ideas, feel free to let us know your thoughts.

Louise Knight, Founder