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Luke is a relative latecomer to the sport of triathlon, having quite literally stumbled into the sport through opportunity. Working for an athletic footwear brand that sponsored numerous triathlons the opportunity arouse to sign up for a race. Immediately taken by a sport that required dedication, consistency, and organisation and was a way to truly test the limits of his athletic performance, he was hooked. Originally from a team sports background and plying his trade as a professional cricketer across Australia , England and Ireland, the idea of purely just running didn’t appeal until his mid twenties when travelling through Europe and looking for a way to stay in shape. Running became his way of exploring new cities and towns and it gave him a different view on places rather than just the well-chosen tourist path. Luke believes in dreaming big, that anything is possible and sets his goals accordingly. From half marathons, marathons through to 100 km ultra races things escalated quickly in terms of running. The same goes for triathlon, with one Sprint and one Olympic distance race under his belt he went straight to Ironman, using the philosophy of if you wait until you are ready then you will be waiting forever mentality. He understand why many don’t understand the lifestyle he has chosen and that is fine, it’s a truly personal journey whether it be involving triathlon or another sport. A self-confessed product nerd who appreciates brand that combine style + performance + technology. Luke divides his time away from the sport working for a major media company in Australia and also MORE Than Sport – an organisation that aims at creating opportunities for athletes to give back to the community.