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I started out doing bits of running whenever I felt particularly unhealthy, and as my 20s wore on, and gave way to my 30s, I found these occasions arising with increasing frequency. In the last few years the running has taken on a life of its own, and now outweighs the ill-health fairly comfortably - though there's always room in life for a pizza and a couple of beers.I dream of my running taking me to beautiful and inspiring places, and occasionally it does: marathons in Berlin, Rome, Prague, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona and a few others in recent years, as well as some happy off-roading in some more rural and obscure corners of Europe and the United Kingdom. More often it takes me to and from work across the streets, towpaths and parks of Central London. As a result I spend hours and hours each week pounding the pavements, in all weather, getting through a lot of running gear as I go.