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Hi, I'm Oliver, 25 years of age and I've never naturally been into sports or fitness. A strange introduction I'm sure given the nature of this post however what I'd like show you is how I have learnt to understand health, fitness and sport due to certain events throughout my life that plunged me into this beautiful world and have given me no choice but to allow change and now, I won't ever look back.I've been training for Fitness and Physique now for a little shy of 7 years and it has changed my character, body and overall wellbeing 10 fold. It has given me a whole new lease of life in regards to mental strength also. The determination, focus, drive and constant motivation needed to become a better version of me from the day before is a life skill you cannot learn in any other journey or teaching.I'd like to be very honest with you, I haven't had the best start in life anyway and to add fire to fire, at the age of 15, I was diagnosed, with no history, explanation, reason or rhyme, with Type 1 diabetes and it has been a struggle ever since. Exercise, bodybuilding and keeping a much closer tab on my fitness, nutrition and lifestyle choices however has helped me to take back the control of my condition. I always had this vision when I initially started that all the best people within my section of the industry were already a perfect cut from the mould with the best bill of health and that therefore, I already set up to fail through no fault of my own and that my vision was jaded.So what is my goal and what am I looking to bring to the table? I want to change the misconception that just because you have an obstacle or two in life, no matter what they may be, that you can still achieve greatness, still compete and still win and with the right inspiration, motivation and mind, anything is possible. So any questions, feedback or general comments let me know, it's why I am here and if your looking for fitness tips, nutritional advice and recipes, motivation or just a chat, you know where to find me.I look forward to learning more about you.