Christmas Bliss Balls

Making a big batch of bliss balls for Christmas is a great way to celebrate and indulge sweet cravings without binging on nutritionally empty candies and milk chocolates. Having some really good quality, super dark chocolate and/or some bliss balls in the cupboard is a great way to fuel up with nutrient dense food, powering up your workouts rather than leaving you crashed out in a sugar dip. So fill up that old Quality Street tin with some delicious bliss balls for the whole family to enjoy. There are a million different recipes out there to choose from but here are a few for inspiration. I like to add some whey protein too.

 Almond Butter Balls:

 Acai Berry Bliss Balls:

(The palm sugar used here can be substituted with honey, rice malt syrup, maple syrup, xylitol or stevia)

Baobab Energy Balls: