Power Porridge

Winter warming porridge is a great way to start the day as it contains slow release carbs and protein. In this video, Jamie Oliver shows how to make perfect porridge. He adds a lot of sugary toppings which can be substituted with nuts, seeds, greek yoghurt, berries, coconut, cacao, stevia, xylitol, rice malt syrup…..whatever you want. Interestingly he makes it with water rather than milk (which works really well), with the option to add in a little milk at the end, again add your choice of milk/alternative milk if you wish.

I make a little addition for extra protein. Once the porridge is cooked, take it off the heat and add a tablespoon of egg whites per serving. Stir it through to gently cook in the residual heat without scrambling and it makes the creamiest most delicious porridge. If you want it extra creamy add a teaspoon of virgin coconut oil whilst simmering for another superfood injection and a metabolic kick. Add a drop of natural vanilla essence for amazing flavour. I then like to top it with a little unsweetened coconut and almond milk, chia seeds, a few cashew nuts, blueberries and a dollop of greek yoghurt for an extra protein hit. Perfect power porridge to fuel your day.

Jamie Oliver | Power Porridge: