Protein, Clean Eating and Steak

Nobody likes to be preached at about nutritional choices. We should all eat what makes us feel healthy and energised, what fuels our bodies and training routines is personal: Paleo, vegan, low carb, high carb, gluten free, dairy free, organic or everything in moderation….there is no right way, just what’s right for you.

I like to eat clean, whole (unprocessed) foods as much as possible. I know that, for me, protein helps to rebuild my muscles and makes me feel energised and satiated. So I love using whey protein powder for convenience, it helps me hit my protein target for the day without consuming huge amounts of calories (I have to work hard to keep lean) so I choose a low carb, low calorie, natural whey supplement. Obviously there are many different protein supplements on the market for different goals, nutrition plans etc. The choice is yours. So, if like me, you dabble in a bit of whey and are getting bored of drinking it straight up, I’m going to introduce a few recipe ideas to shake things up a bit.

I’ll also add some other clean eating recipes and food ideas, but I’ll try not to be too puritanical about it. As much as possible I’ll try to avoid what my boyfriend calls “bird food” and share recipes that we enjoy fit for fit foodies that are nutritious and delicious.

But first, let’s talk steak and a blow……..torch. Over to you Heston.

Steak: High In Protein And Iron.

I’m going out to buy a blow torch.

  • Joe

    Great website and some perfect choices for workout gear!