Protein Ice Cream
I’m not going to pretend that I came up with this recipe all by myself. Gwyneth Paltrow is responsible for the frozen banana ice cream trend. However, I had to find a way to recreate the Wheyhey protein ice cream (which I’m unable to get here in Sydney) that I loved and enjoyed guilt free after a workout back in my home town of London. I’ve tried many different whey protein ice cream recipes but I don’t have an ice cream machine or the time to keep taking it out of the freezer to churn so Gwyneth’s frozen banana trick came to mind. I thought the whey protein powder would make it claggy and dry but it works a treat. Adding the almond butter also gives it a better consistency. You can use any natural nut butter – hazelnut butter would be great if going for the chocolate option. But if you can get hold of a tub of Wheyhey, lucky you, it’s fantastic.
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Banana Nut Protein Ice Cream:

Serves 2.


2 frozen bananas – slice up and freeze portions in containers or freezer bags.

1 scoop of whey protein (natural or vanilla).

1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk (regular milk will work too).

1 tbs almond butter.

2 tsp xylitol.

Pinch of salt.


For chocolate flavour – add 1tbs cocoa or cacao powder (plus substitute in chocolate whey protein powder instead of natural or vanilla for a richer chocolate taste).


Pulse all ingredients in a food processor for several minutes before giving it a final mix on a constant setting. Serve immediately for a soft whip texture or refreeze for a few hours or overnight for a firmer set protein ice cream.

Topping suggestions: Cacao nibs, dark chocolate shavings, coconut flakes, flaked almonds, goji berries, blueberries…….. etc.

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