Sweet Potato Protein Brownies

Christmas, merriment and feasting are on the way. Brilliant! A perfect excuse to fuel up with lots of nutritious food to super charge your training. Sweet potato protein brownies are delicious and great training food. Ella of Deliciously Ella has put baking with sweet potato on the map, her idea to mix in medjool dates is a stroke of genius, not only adding sweetness, iron and more fibre but the stickiness binds the mixture together meaning that the final bake doesn’t crumble like recipes I’ve previously tried.

Find Ella’s recipe on deliciouslyella.com. I change it up a bit – a mash up with an old recipe I used: I use quinoa flour instead of buckwheat for it’s extra protein content and add in a few scoops of plain whey protein powder too. I also prefer to bake the sweet potatoes rather than steam them to get a treacle like flavour. I’d also buy almonds already ground to save on extra work and I also add a little extra cacao as I like an intense chocolate hit. But do it your way, trial and error is a great excuse to make a few batches. They really are amazing.

Deliciously Ella | Sweet Potato Brownies:


Ally’s Sweet Potato Bar:

If you don’t have the time or desire to bake then Ally’s Original Sweet Potato Bar created by pro cyclist Ally Stacher is a great, convenient, on the go alternative for a pre-workout energy boost or during a long ride or run instead of gels. Ally’s Bar is made from sweet potato, dates, quinoa, almonds and dark chocolate so it tastes great and delivers more nutrients than liquid sugar gels.

Sweet Potato Protein Brownies