Go Hard Or Go Home Workout

I can be a bit all or nothing about exercise, with a  “go hard or go home” attitude. Although recently, due to a busy work and travel schedule I’ve had to “go home” and succumb to a “something is better than nothing workout” in my living room or hotel room. I’ve been using the Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout AppIt’s free, runs on android or apple and can be used with your own music preferences via iTunes. You can just do the 7 minutes if really pushed for time or do several cycles to get a more intense and full workout. It can be set to your fitness level (may take a couple of goes to pitch it right) and you can tailor the workouts to target specific goals if you so desire. There are loads of 7 minute workout info-graphics available so you don’t even need the app, just a watch will do but the app kept me accountable and motivated. I wouldn’t say that my fitness level has soared but it’s kept me in the zone and on returning to the gym I’ve picked up where I left off and avoided that demoralising two steps back feeling.

As well as a passion for fashion, I love interior design and found these short “home workout” videos on wallpaper.com, they gave me a laugh so I thought I’d share them. A hilariously holistic approach to workout style!