Ben Saunders Ted Talk

Have you been putting off signing up for a marathon or attempting to shift that extra 5kg? No excuses. These two TED talks should give you, at the very least, a gentle nudge.

Like David Blaine (featured in the first talk in this series), endurance adventurer Ben Saunders strives to push his limits to extraordinary lengths and can’t resist an extreme challenge.

In the first lecture, he talks about stretching ones personal potential and exploring the limits of human physiology and psychology. This talk, filmed back in 2005 is packed full of anecdotal stories, it’s highly engaging and motivating. Well worth a watch.

Ben Saunders | Why Did I Ski To The North Pole?

In this second and more recent talk, he again talks about his expedition but in the context of getting out of ones comfort zone, participating (rather than spectating), engaging in personal challenge and gaining from adversity. Another incredibly inspiring talk that really resonates.

Ben Saunders | Why Bother Leaving The House?