Running Playlist

Recently I’ve come across lots of articles about why one shouldn’t listen to music during a run, explaining that it’s better to listen to ones breathing, foot strike and the sound of the birds or a babbling brook. I like the idea of being able to (quite literally) unplug, free my mind and concentrate solely on the joy and freedom of running or race strategy. But for me, music is essential. Obviously it works as a mood elevator and sets a rhythm to pace to but I often fall into the trap of letting my mind tell me I’m done before my body is. Therefore, I find uplifting music acts as a distraction whilst my body is pushed to where it needs to go. I look forward to a time when I have to listen to my body instead to avoid injury because it will push further than my mind but until then I’ll keep turning up the music.

Interesting link: Dr. Costas Karageorghis compares music to “legal high for athletes”