Christmas Fitness Toys
Summer is here so why not take advantage of the good weather and get out of the gym and into the garden or park instead. Fortunately, calisthenic style bars and outdoor gyms are springing up in city parks so you needn’t look like a weirdo lurking around children’s playground areas trying to get your strength work/Ninja Warrior practice in. But if you don’t have these facilities near you then there are also some fantastic, inexpensive pieces of equipment to take outdoors, great for mixing up your routine. Plus perfect for those days when you can’t face the overcrowded peak hour gym rush or generally when life gets in the way and you still want to squeeze in a quick HIIT session. The products featured here are generic suggestions, whilst you can link through (mainly to Amazon), shopping around for local suppliers and better deals would be prudent.

Top 8 Pieces Of Summer Workout Equipment:

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Skipping Ropes

Skipping Rope

Skipping has made a come back as it’s a great cardio workout that can be used at the gym or at home. Skipping works well for HIIT or as a part of a circuit. Check out this skipping workout from GQ. They are inexpensive and the kids will want to have a go too, a nifty way to keep them fit and wear them out!

Skipping Workout Inspiration:

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