Training Shorts
Men’s sports shorts puzzle me. They either seem to be made from the kind of polyester that rustles or the strangely silky kind that could create enough static electricity to power the national grid. I fail to see how they are comfortable or fit for purpose, let alone stylish and appealing to wear for training and active pursuits. So I’ve been on the hunt for shorts that are stylish, versatile and made using appropriate fabrics.  Ashmei’s shorts are my pick for hardcore training, whilst Outlier’s three way shorts get my vote for versatility and style.

Shorts – My Top 5 Selection:

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ASHMEI 2 in 1 Shorts

The Inner Short:

  • Breathable, sweat wicking, bespoke stretch merino.
  • Temperature regulating.
  • Eliminates chafing.
  • Semi compression short.

The Outer Short:

  • Laser cut ventilation for extra breathability.
  • Avoids the MAMIL look and errr… “MAMIL toe.”
  • Functional pockets.
  • Reflective details.
  • Stylish finish.

A perfect combination of function and style. Although they are specifically running shorts, they are also perfect for the gym or yoga. Great for muscular thighs too.

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