The Best Training T-Shirts 2014/15 II
I was ruthless with what made the cut for the last post - The Best Training T-Shirts - as it was becoming a "War and Peace" length epic on the very weighty subject of t-shirts! However, I like the ones I left out so much that I thought, why not do another posts as they are more than worthy of making the list. Even more reason to throw out those free t-shirts and stock up on stylish and functional training T's.
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CREUX CYCLING Vintage Merino T-Shirt

$119.95 AUD

  • 100% superfine merino wool.
  • Highly breathable and sweat-wicking.
  • Odour and UV resistant.
  • Temperature regulating.
  • Fast drying.
  • Super soft feel.
  • Shaped hem.
  • Seams moved towards the rear for comfort.
  • Vintage design combined with super fine merino functionality.
  • Slim fit.
  • Designed for the cyclist but great for all training types.
  • Available in the two styles depicted.
  • Sizing from XS to XXL.
  • $119.95 AUD
  • Visit for further details.
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