The Best Training Vest
The Rant: Men Of Britain, Put Your Vests Away made me chuckle heartily, whilst sitting in the glorious sunshine on Manly Beach, Australia; watching bronzed, ripped guys ambling along the waterfront in said vests.

I’m in total agreement with Teo van den Broeke of Esquire Magazine but what do you wear when training in warmer climes or if you have an astonishingly well defined and groomed body?

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The Best Vest For Warmer Climates:

ASHMEI Merino + Carbon Racing Vest

  • Merino wool: Sweat wicking, breathable fabric; keeps cool in the heat and warm in the cold.
  • Modest design: No chance of “side moob.”
  • Available colours: Grey, Black and Red.
  • Doubles up as a great base layer in cold weather.
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