Yoloha Yoga Mats For Men
Finding yoga mats for men can be tricky amongst a plethora of candy coloured options seemingly designed exclusively for Barbie. So I've been on the hunt for functional, stylish yoga mats fit for the modern gent. Whilst Manduka is widely used, respected and a well known brand for all yoga accessories, I'm thrilled to have stumbled across Yoloha Yoga, Yoga Design Lab and Brogamats. Yoloha has designed a fantastically innovative mat, Yoga Design Lab offers sleek, stylish yet affordable mats and Brogamats inject fun, humour and masculinity into the mix.If you can recommend a mat not featured here or you have something to say about any of these, then it would be great to read your thoughts and ideas. Drop us a comment below.
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MANDUKA Pro Yoga Mat

$100 USD

  •  Manduka’s best selling mat.
  • Thick, dense and soft for those who prefer extra cushioning.
  • Non slip design.
  • Variety of colours on offer plus a limited edition range.
  • Available sizes: 26″ x  71″ or 26″x 85″ (both 1/4″ thick).
  • Prices: Regular size – $100 USD ($118 limited edition range). Large size – $128USD ($140 limited edition range).
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Manduka also offer a great range of towels (with Skidless technology), bags, props and accessories in neutral colours.
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