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Dressing well surely helps to accelerate success in all areas of life, whether it’s a promotion, clinching a big business deal, a date or achieving one’s fitness and sporting goals. Outwardly projecting a good impression to others with a smart appearance is one thing. More importantly, can the right apparel make us feel good about ourselves?

This Ted talk is well worth a watch if you can spare 20 mins:

Body Language and Success

Amy Cuddy | Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

(If you don’t have time, Cuddy explains the relationship between body language and confidence, how strong physical gestures release chemicals in the brain that help us to view ourselves more positively which leads to greater achievement and success. She also believes that one can “fake it, until you make it”)

She suggests “power posing,” which is a bit like vertical “star fishing,”……errr….enjoy, if that works for you. Surely weight lifting, working out and/or playing sport is the ultimate power posing but wearing great clothing is equally effective for confidence and positive body language. So, wearing stylish fitness apparel for your workout to further enhance and improve your performance makes a lot of sense, a winning combination.

So chaps, considering that achievement in the gym or sport is closely linked to success in business…..

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Why wouldn’t you dress well for a workout?

Dress For Success