Eddie Redmayne: Putting The Suave Into Sporty

Eddie Redmayne has the midas touch and an Oscar. Sure, the PR machine on “The Theory of Everything” was well oiled, catapulting him further into the spotlight – his face adorned every magazine and his charming yet humble chat show anecdotes came across as delightfully as yesterday’s Oscar acceptance speech. But what really struck me during his jaunt on the press junket merry-go-round was his incredible sense of style. This man knows how to work a well tailored suit. His casual, dress down style is also put together with a certain flair, including pieces by Orlebar Brown (one of our favourite and featured brands) favouring the comfortable feel combined with a tailored, crisp look. It’s no surprise that he also won GQ’s Best Dressed Award this year.

With modelling for Burberry under his belt and Testino shots in his portfolio in addition to his stellar acting career it would be easy to dislike and dismiss him as smug or arrogant but the afore mentioned appearances on chat shows just make me like him immensely, he’s the kind of guy I’d like to go for a Sunday afternoon beer with, seemingly a really charming, down to earth gentleman.

Apparently, Eddie enjoys playing tennis between meetings when in LA and works out as roles demand. We think he puts his fashion flair into his fitness apparel too, so we’ve put together an Eddie Redmayne inspired workout wardrobe because here at exalt, we like to put the suave into sporty too.


Eddie Redmayne: Putting The Suave Into Sporty

1. IFFLEY ROAD Classic Running T-Shirt
   £65 GBP

2. RAPHA Merino Sweatshirt 
   £95 GBP

3. TRACKSMITH Longfellow Short
   $90 USD

4. FLUD Duffle Bag
   $96 USD



Eddie Redmayne: Putting The Suave Into Sporty

   £60 GBP

2. ORLEBAR BROWN Kenton Sweat Jacket
   £195 GBP

3. ORLEBAR BROWN Parson Tailored Sweat Shorts
   £145 GBP

4. TRACKSMITH Limited Run Club Duffel
   $158 USD