Fitness Tech

I’m a cynical sceptic when it comes to fitness tech. I don’t own any of the wrist band trackers as I think they are simply expensive pedometers that are just slightly more aesthetically pleasing and sync-able than a pedometer I got free in a box of cereal back in 1997. However, I can’t help but get a little bit excited by the gadgetry featured here. The videos are a little “pitchy” as they are all still in development, so understandably they are keen for investment. I’ll be holding back until I can get tangible evidence of their effectiveness but I’m definitely excited by the ideas and the potential.

Atlas Wearables Fitness Tech:

This sounds like the gadget of my dreams. A tracker that can record weight training sessions, no more notebooks needed plus a fun gamification element thrown in. However, even though it can be programmed to recognise new exercises I’m still unsure how it counts the reps of  lying hamstring curls for example, where there is no movement from the wrist. I also assume it can’t recognise the resistance used and that needs to be entered manually. Even so, this looks like the start of something great.

  • Starts shipping December 2014.
  • Pre-orders $179 USD (+$15 for non US shipping).


Skulpt Aim Fitness Tech:

I hate the scales, so much so, that I’m never weighing myself again. I wan’t to be fit, healthy, lean and strong, not light per se. I’d rather focus on the weights that I lift going up rather than my body weight going down. Which is why I’m very excited about this piece of tech. It seems like an intelligent way to measure progress, whether leaning out or bulking up, without having to get the intrusive fat callipers and tape measure out. I can’t help but be a little cynical though. I’ve used home kit “body fat” monitors in the past that give wildly different readings in succession. However, with a professor from Harvard Medical School on board, I’m hopeful that this might work and actually be used rather then abandoned in that kitchen drawer with the  spare batteries and birthday candles.

  • Starts shipping August 2014
  • Pre-orders $149 USD and $199 thereafter.



So this isn’t specifically “fitness tech” rather active lifestyle tech. It’s brilliant! I don’t know why there isn’t something similar on the market already. No more keys. Extra security for the bike and the rider. What’s not to love?

  • Starts shipping early 2015
  • Pre-orders $159 USD, $249 thereafter.

It would be great to hear from anyone whose been lucky enough to test out a prototype.  Drop us a comment below or contact us. What fitness tech would you recommend?