Get A Grip On Weight Lifting Style
Wearing gloves, straps and belts can be a controversial topic but ultimately, it’s down to personal preference. Whilst not an excuse for bad form, if occasional belt support gives you the confidence to push through plateaus in squats, deadlifts and power lifts –  why not? Likewise, with straps for deadlifts and pull ups. When it comes to gloves, most guys go without, preferring instead to wear their well earned calluses as a badge of honour. Again it’s personal choice, whatever works for you.

Then there is the leather vs nylon/synthetic debate. I favour leather, it’s stronger and therefore more supportive and durable than nylon options. Opt for well crafted and/or treated real leather that will soften and form well to your body. Obviously I can’t ignore style either, this is a men’s fitness style blog after all! Good quality, well crafted leather just looks better.

“Dressing well acknowledges that you are preparing for something important. It reminds you to prize your dignity and to never be the kind of man who only does the bare minimum” GQ.

…and men who lift certainly don’t want to do the bare minimum. Besides, there is something about leather and craftsmanship that is strong, manly (gentlemanly, in fact) and earthy. Plus, there is  a classic/vintage masculine renaissance going on right now with a nod to timeless style and refined quality. You don’t have to be a meathead to lift weights, esteemed gentlemen lift too and in my opinion it’s high time some classic style was injected back into the weights room.

I’ve been searching high and low to find stylish, crafted leather accessories that compliment strength and masculinity. Surprisingly, they’ve been really hard to find amongst tons of synthetic and faux leather belts and straps with crass prints and designs. So I was thrilled to find Pioneer Fitness, a family run business in Texas, that offers classic, timeless style and craftsmanship that will last a lifetime. Yes, they are more pricey than synthetic options but they are great investment pieces and chances are, if you are lifting heavy enough to need grip or core support, then it’s a lifetime, lifestyle choice, so worth investing in quality and style.

Weight lifting style isn’t just about what you wear but also about how you conduct yourself, don’t be the idiot that disappears in a puff of chalk dust, coating everyone and everything within a 10m radius, it’s not cool and anyway, less is more for a good grip. There is also no shame in caring for your hands by using moisturiser after a heavy lifting session or wearing gloves to prevent tearing and cracking from keeping you out of the game.

Weight Lifting Style Accessories – My Top 6 Selection:

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METOLIUS Refillable Super Chalk Sock

$4.50 USD

    • Specifically formulated for climbing, also great for the gym.
    • High quality magnesium carbonate for sweat absorption and friction.
    • Refillable sock. Fill it to your own preference, make it smaller for rolling on hands and larger for squeezing.
    • Coats hands without leaving excess which can be counter productive.
    • No spills or clouds of chalk. Many gyms ban chalk because people use it carelessly. With this sock, I find gyms turn a blind eye as long as you wipe down the bar after (obviously). Keeping it in a small pouch/bag is useful to avoid leaving debris and for subtly dusting hands in the bag if necessary! See Izola for some good options.
    • The sock itself is machine washable between refills.
    • $4.50 USD.
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