Stylish Gym Bags

Packing a gym bag the night before is part of a ritual that helps to ensure I get psyched up for a workout and (more importantly) actually go to the gym the following day. There are lots of great bags on the market and I’ve been tempted to feature some exquisite designer weekend bags that would double up as stylish gym holdalls. However, I don’t really want to put my sweaty kit and mucky trainers into my smart weekend bag or squish it into a gym locker. So I’ve sourced some gym bags that look smart and stylish enough to throw over your shoulder en route in a suit but inexpensive enough so that it’s not the end of the world if the top falls off your protein shaker in transit or your stinky kit festers in there over the weekend before Sunday night panic laundry. Ultimately, if it ends up permanently smelling of feet, it’s easily replaceable.

If you do use a smart weekend bag as a multifunctional holdall, Outlier has a nifty product for separating out clean and dirty apparel designed with the traveller in mind but I think it also makes a great gym bag liner for putting sweaty gear in one side and trainers in the other.

OUTLIER Doublebag 

Gym Bags – My Top 4 Selection:


  • My personal favourite: Fun, smart-casual bag.
  • £49.99 GBP, affordable, great value piece.
  • 100% cotton and therefore machine washable.
  • Available colours: Black, Black on Black, Camel & Black, Navy & Cream, Grey, Brown, Red or Turquoise.


FLUD The Flud Duffle

  • Sleek, simple, stylish design.
  • Soft, flexible fabric for easy stowage.
  • Dark Melton Grey: $79 USD.
  • Black/Tan: $50 USD.
  • Great value item.



  • Sleek, simple, smart duffle/bowling bag.
  • Separate shoe compartment (up to size 13) so clean kit doesn’t end up smelling of musty trainers.
  • Currently only ships to USA and Canada or in stock at Liberty, London. Contact Herschel for other suppliers.
  • Great value at $79.99.
  • Available in a range of colours and designs, our favourites: Grey/Tan, Army/Black or Black/Tan.


ZARA Assorted Bags

  • At the time of writing this post, these assorted bags are in the sale at Zara.
  • Zara is king of affordable, stylish, fast fashion. Great if you like to frequently update your style.
  • Value and variety.
  • Check out the new AW14 range.