Men's Fitness Lookbook 2015
Another fitness lookbook for some style inspiration. Investing in some new kit is a great way to keep motivated and the attention to detail and functionality of the garments keep you comfortable throughout your workout helping you to workout harder and longer. Click through the red links for further information on selected garments. The combinations are endless and there is more choice than ever in the men’s fitness style arena. Time to get stuck in and update your workout wardrobe.

Men’s Fitness Lookbook 2015 III:

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Men's Fitness Lookbook 2015 III


1. OUTLIER Ultrafine Merino T-Shirt
    $98 USD

2. OUTLIER New Way Shorts

3. CHROME INDUSTRIES Cobra Men’s Hoodie
    $100 USD

4. FLUD Duffle
    $96 USD

5. MIIR Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle
    $30 USD

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