merino wool

Merino wool features heavily in the garments we select. On a recent trip to new Zealand (which explains the slight hiatus in posting) we have learned a little more about this fantastic, natural fabric.

New Zealand’s Icebreaker was one of the first activewear brands to utilise this natural resource.

Why Choose Merino Wool?

Soft: Unlike regular wool, merino is exceptionally soft and lightweight so it doesn’t feel scratchy or heavy. It is also anti-static so it won’t cling or rustle and drapes well.

Breathable: Merino wool is naturally sweat-wicking, moving moisture away from the skin to evaporate in the air, it also has natural antibacterial properties so it doesn’t smell.

Temperature Regulating: Merino wool reacts to changes in body temperature keeping you cool in the heat and warm in the cold.

Elastic: It’s natural elasticity means merino garments keep their shape even after washing (merino is machine washable) so it’s ideal for exercising.

Natural Barrier to UV: With an Ultraviolet Protection Rating of 50, merino is much better than cotton or synthetics at protecting you from UV rays. It also prevents colour fade, meaning garments will last for years.

Natural and Renewable: Merino wool is grown year round, every year the merino sheep produce a new fleece so it’s completely renewable and fully biodegradable.

Merino wool is a quality fabric that will last for years. Paired with excellent, classic design, merino garments will make great investment pieces/wardrobe staples.