Myles Apparel - The Everyday Short

We’ve long been seduced by the fantastic marketing, beautiful imagery and the promise of contemporary athletic shorts for active pursuits and everyday wear that Myles Apparel projects and so we were delighted to put these shorts through their paces. Luke and Oliver have had the fortunate task of trying them out, Luke, our resident triathlete, has been taking them for a spin around Sydney and Oliver, our gym junkie, has done a test run in London: Two different climates and lifestyles, how do they measure up? Here’s their verdict:


Myles Apparel - The Everyday Short

Wearing The Everyday Short…Everyday.

Spring time means the morning’s are lighter and the days longer, a sign that summer is on its way down under.  This is my favourite time of year, not only because of the decrease in wind and rain for outdoor training but it is a time to refresh the wardrobe, going through the summer collection to see what needs updating and to finally throw out those fluoro board shorts from my teen years.

In recent years I have found myself taking a more versatile approach to clothing, selecting items that have the ability to go across seasons, activities and looks – call it simplifying my life if you may., reducing the need to make another choice by having a collection of basics or maybe I am just showing my age.

In Australia anywhere north of and including Sydney and the mildness of both Spring and Autumn mean the need for an array of short options is a must.

I have been following the development of the Myles brand for sometime; with the launch of the brand centred around creating a new perspective on fitness wear through smart design. The Everyday Short, with the tagline of the best athletic short is their core product and was super keen to see if the tagline was more than just marketing buzz.

Lets start with packaging – I am a sucker for good packing, being a brand aficionado I love it when you experience the brand before even trying the product, it’s the simplest touches but it allows you to appreciate the nature of the product and the also the thinking of those behind it when they provide you with a gear wash bag, these guys take fitness seriously and want to look good at the same time.

While the material is thicker than your traditional athletic/running short it’s the versatility that appeals to me, so I challenged myself to wear them everyday in a range of activities:

  • Wake up and walk the puppy, the air is still crisp but once the sun is up it has enough heat to stay comfortable.
  • Coffee down the beach watching the surfers first in the water, mesmerized by the sunrise but also the dedication of these people who brave the cold currents hitting the coats this time of year.
  • Gym time and today I have a Pilates class as a recovery from my heavy week as I prepare for the first race of the season.
  • Afternoon catch-up with friends for another coffee and get the legs into the water to speed up the recovery but also prepare the legs for tomorrow’s long bike and run.
  • Early dinner as we join friends for a bbq and long overdue catch-up, these are becoming less and less and life takes over in the form of kids, work, training and new dogs.

As mentioned what initially appealed to me was the ability to have a product that could serve more than one purpose but also not look like an athletic short when a spur of the moment catch-up post the gym or morning walk happened. These are definitely a hit, the construction and material make them tough enough to handle tough conditions but also make them puppy scratch resistant.

The fit is another thing I notice, having a hard time finding a short that has enough room to move but without being long hanging rapper pants is a constant struggle. The 4-way stretch allows it is cut in a more aggressive manner but also means that for someone like me with a skinny waist and athletic legs the fit is perfect and can form to the body as you move.

While when the weather warm’s up I would probably revert back to the traditional athletic short for running these will form a staple part of my wardrobe for many seasons to come.



Myles Apparel

A Wardrobe Staple.

I recently had the privilge of trying out a fantastic bit of kit from Myles Apparel. At first glance, the arrival of these new shorts excited me. They were clearly a well looked after pair of shorts upon their journey over to me and the presentation upon opening had style and class which was certainly a welcome break. Inside the box contained a little card thanking me for choosing the product and a little incentive, encouraging me  to purchase again in the future (which certainly worked). Alongside this sat the shorts. On my initial view, they were not what I had initially expected but this wasn’t a negative at all, in fact quite the opposite.

The shorts material is made up of a very crisp waterproof material not much disimilar from a swimming trunk however with far better class and swagger. This is great for running, as I often do, in the ever changing climate that is London. The mesh pockets aren’t zippable, it would have been great to have a super safe pocket for security however the pockets are very slimline and snug, holding keys and pretty much anything at all secure and safe. My keys also didn’t jingle around or make any noise at all during sprints erradicated my often post run migrane from my usual shorts of choice.

This brings me to the final feature of this product, not only can you easily contain eveything snugly into the shorts without fear of losing anything throughout a workout, but the shorts themselves also have their own unique cocoon. The product comes with a littl zip up bag to keep your shorts neat, dry and secure on the move. This is a great touch a definatley a useful toll in the arsenal of travelling with fitness kit. It also helps keep any odour at bay which is never a bad sign.

Overall this is a really innovative product and a definate for anyone looking for comfort, flexibility and style from their workouts, all in all I’m very impressed and these shorts are a definate addition to the collection.