RAPHA Jersey Downsize Offer | Ethan Suplee

RAPHA Jersey Downsize Offer

Rapha has a fantastic initiative where you can trade in an old Rapha jersey for a 50% discount on a new, smaller jersey if you’ve lost weight through cycling. Here at exalt we believe that looking good and feeling great in stylish workout gear is motivating, inspiring and promotes confidence, drive and success. However, buying new clothing when embarking on a weight loss plan can seem pointless, despite the fact that investing in yourself and the way you look and feel from the outset is important for motivation and catapulting you towards your weight loss goal. Smart idea from Rapha, we like it a lot!

Rapha Downsizer: Ethan Suplee

Rapha Jersey Downsize Offer | Ethan Suplee

Actor Ethan Suplee, best know for his roles as Seth Ryan in American History X, Randy Hickey in My Name Is Earl and more recently as Toby in The Wolf Of Wall Street (amongst numerous other credits), has lost a huge amount of weight since 2002 through clean eating and exercise but most recently smashed through a plateau thanks to cycling. Ethan loves Rapha and so it’s a no-brainer that they’ve teamed up to promote the downsize offer, read the article at rapha.cc.

RAPHA Cycling Jerseys 

RAPHA Cycling JerseysThere are plenty of jerseys to choose from, check out the Rapha store for all the options, these are our favourites:

1. Long Sleeve Cross Jersey
    £135 GBP

2. Long Sleeve Jersey
    £140 GBP

3. Classic Jersey
    £145 GBP

4. Pro Team Jersey
    £140 GBP

Do you think it’s worth investing in clothing as part of a fitness or weight loss drive? How does wearing stylish apparel make you feel about yourself? Also, do you think Rapha should introduce a shorts upsize offer for smaller framed men who build up their thigh muscles through cycling? Please do feel free to speak your mind in the comments box below, sharing is caring after all!