Rugby T-Shirts

The Six Nation’s Rugby and the anticipation of The World Cup has, well, errr. … inspired me to write a post that has been on my to do list for too long. Many of the brands featured here on exalt are cycle brands, mainly because the cycling culture revolution has led the way in the development of stylish sportswear for men. Whilst we love and embrace the bike, we are about promoting sophisticated apparel for all fitness training and busy, active lifestyles. We like to highlight how the wealth of stylish cycle gear can also be worn for other active pursuits, not only because it – indeed – can, but also because there is less choice across the rest of the fitness wear spectrum. However, cycling apparel (on the whole) comes up quite small in the sizing department which is not ideal for rugby players, bodybuilders, rowers or guys of a larger stature. So I’m thrilled to have found some really great t-shirts in a new range from rugby brand, Canterbury. Designed for strapping lads, there is ample room in the back and shoulders but most importantly they don’t skimp on style either offering a really nice choice of vintage inspired designs. We’ll be coming back to the topic of great looking training gear for men with muscle soon, so check back, but in the meantime here is our rugby inspired selection of dapper t-shirts:

CANTERBURY Since 1904 Men’s Collection

£35 – £80 GBP

Rugby T-Shirts


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