SEAGALE Competition

The first thing you notice about SEAGALE gear is that it truly is quality. It is beautifully packaged and presented, with a simple, minimalistic style that oozes class.  You’d expect as much from a company that promises to “enchant your active lifestyle” with products that will “transcend their function, give you motivation, increase your confidence and surprise yourself.” Bold, if slightly mealy-mouthed, claims. All I really wanted to know was: does it look good, does it work well?

It isn’t often (OK, it’s never happened before) that I come downstairs in my running gear and my wife says “ooh, you look nice”, but this is what happened when I went to take my SEAGALE shorts and t-shirt for a run. Somehow the latest generic offerings that I’ve picked up on the cheap from a local sports store have failed to make her swoon, so it’s certainly a big SEAGALE win on that score. The fit is close, but precise enough to allow enough movement in the necessary areas.

The shorts were a particularly cosy fit, avoiding the baggy shapelessness of so much sports wear, but it was a pleasant surprise to start running and find them unrestrictive, and also fast-wicking enough to cope with the perspiration of a hot day. “Fast-wicking” is often a euphemism for “shiny”, but not here, with the merino material ensuring the shorts avoid that flammable look. I have happily worn them out and about, and felt genuinely well-dressed – this doesn’t happen often! There is also impressive attention to detail, where it is clear to see that plenty of thought has gone into how best to make them suitable for leisure and sport. The zip pocket within the ordinary pocket is a particularly nice touch, meaning you have somewhere safe for your keys/cash as you jog. It’s indicative of the functionality in a short that also looks like it belongs somewhere a lot more glamorous than a Harlesden canal towpath.

The t-shirt is simple and effective. Again, it has a great fit that avoids being shapeless but moves with you as you run, with torso and arms able to twist and swing freely. Despite working pretty hard on the run and getting up a fair sweat, the t-shirt was able to cope with the intensity of the workout without any trouble, and it dried more effectively than any of the usual quick-dry material used by the mainstream specialist running brands. I like to think I take my running pretty seriously, and want my self-perception to be founded in keen-bean performance metrics such as beats-per-minute and minutes-per-mile, but SEAGALE’s claim that their gear will “transcend their function, give you motivation, increase your confidence and surprise yourself” did seem to have some validity. The kit felt good!

Matt and SEAGALE

Perhaps the greatest revelation was the underpants. I’m not too proud to admit that on the day I took them for a spin I was struggling with some quite severe chafing from taking on a long run the day before in a pair of shorts that, despite the website spiel, just weren’t up to the job. “Sore” doesn’t quite do it justice. But SEAGALE have definitely got this covered. I won’t go into too much unpleasant detail, but suffice to say they are immensely comfortable, thoroughly breathable, and you forget they’re even there (which is about as high a compliment as I can pay).

The final item I tried was SEAGALE’s flagship swimming trunks. The company originated out of a group of mates who were dissatisfied with what was on offer, and wanted to produce something that was “versatile and elegant”. In all honesty, I felt a bit out of my depth in the trunks (excuse the pun). They are definitely elegant, and make you feel like you should be strolling the beach on the Med, with a markedly more honed physique than I was bringing to the public pool in Willesden Sports Centre. The same zip pocket as on the running shorts provides a safe spot for your 50 Euro note and 5-star Cannes hotel key card (or my 20p Willesden locker key). The inner lining, stitched directly onto the hem of the shorts means you get the support of a tight little Daniel Craig number, but with a lot more modesty and social acceptability.

Overall, SEAGALE do deliver on their promise. They are producing really high-end sports gear that gives you a smug little glow, knowing that you look ever so sophisticated. And how many times have I felt that as I splutter and wheeze my way around the parks of North-West London? My only reservation is that their clothes are a lot nicer than the majority of my everyday wear, and it’s only a matter of time before my wife suggests I move it out of the sportswear cupboard and into everyday wear!

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