Stylish Water Bottles For Men

Keeping hydrated is important for health, energy, concentration and is vital for optimal performance and gains when training. So a water bottle is a must have for fit, active people who work hard and play hard. Considering we should all be sipping water regularly throughout the day, why not consider a water bottle in the same way you would a watch or a wallet; a stylish and functional accessory that reflects your personal style. The standard squeezy, plastic sports bottles are functional and convenient whilst running or cycling but they look tatty, usually contain BPA and like free t-shirts are often tacky, branded billboards. The cheap, colourful plastic makes them more befitting of a kid’s lunch box than a grown up go-getter lifestyle. So, I’ve been looking for investment piece water bottles for men that will be kinder to the environment, look smart in the office, stylish in hand when out and about but also highly functional for the gym/training. However, I’ve struggled to find bottles that completely combine style and functionality.

Of the pieces featured, the Under Armour bottle is probably the closest to a good all rounder, made of stainless steel and vacuum insulated with a one touch button for easy drinking during training, however, it is still lacking in sleek, interesting design. The Aquaovo bottle has a spout for easy drinking, is lightweight, filters the water and has a smart V-shape design but despite being BPA free, it still looks plastic! The other bottles featured are more aesthetically pleasing, great for the office, on the go or at the gym if hydrating between sets or intervals but impractical whilst running or cycling.

Stylish Water Bottles For Men – My Top 6 Selection:

AQUAOVO  Alter Ego | Globetrotter

  • Sleek bottle with drinking spout, ideal for those needing hydration on a run.
  • V-shaped design makes it easy to hold.
  • Water filter – 75 gallons per filter.
  • Leak proof.
  • Easy to rinse and wash.
  • 100% BPA free, plus it’s recyclable.
  • Volume: 700 ml.
  • $74.99 CAD.
  • Aquaovo donates proceeds from every purchase to ONE DROP.


UNDER ARMOUR Dominate 24oz. Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle With Flip Top Lid

  • Stainless steel.
  • Vacuum insulated, great for those who want to train with ice cold water.
  • Silicone grip and push button lid and spout makes it ideal for runners.
  • Safety lock to avoid spills when carrying in bag etc.
  • Available colours: Steel or Indigo.
  • Volume: 700 ml.
  • $31.99 USD.


MIIR Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle 

  • Stainless steel.
  • Vacuum insulated, keeps water ice cold for 24 hours.
  • Sleek, simple design.
  • Wedge lid – secure and won’t leak.
  • Ideal for hydrating at the gym between sets or intervals.
  • Fits standard bike water bottle cages.
  • Also great for the office or the beach.
  • Volume: 700 ml.
  • $30 USD.
  • Part of MIIR’s profits go towards providing clean drinking water in developing countries.


MIIR Growler Water Bottle 

  •  Stainless steel.
  • Double wall vacuum insulated, keeps water cool for 24 hours.
  • Sleek, stylish design.
  • Thread-less clamp system prevents leaking and dirt build up.
  • Great for long bike rides (used with the bike cage) or the gym.
  • Also great for taking to the beach to keep water (or beer) ice cold all day.
  • Stylish addition to your office desk.
  • Volume: 2l.
  • $59 USD. Bike cage $14.95 USD.
  • Part of MIIR’s profits go towards providing clean drinking water in developing countries.


IZOLA Water Bottles

  • Fun, stylish, modern twist on a vintage “Thermos” style design.
  • Keeps water cool for hours.
  • Easy screw and secure lid.
  • Great for the gym, the beach and the office.
  • Available in plain steel or various designs.
  • Engraving available (initials on the lid) for $6 USD extra.
  • Large size –  $42 USD,  Small size – $29.99 USD.



  • Sleek, simple design.
  • Stainless steel. (Not insulated).
  • Unscrews at either end for easy and effective cleaning.
  • Wide carry handle.
  • Leak proof, twist and snap lid.
  • Good for the office and the gym.
  • Volume: 600 ml.
  • $44.95 USD.

What’s your preferred water bottle? Let us know in the comments below.