The Ultimate Guide To Men's Training Shorts 2015/16
We hope you've had a great summer, we've been enjoying the British summer rain immensely! With autumn clearly creeping in here, we've got that "back to school" feeling, time  to sharpen one's pencils and one's style with some new kit. Thankfully, the men's stylish sportswear market moves on apace and at last there is an abundance of choice. We're delighted to have found lots of new brands and/or styles to add to your wardrobe to keep you comfortable and stylish, whatever your fitness endeavours. So why not see the year out in style and keep motivated as the nights draw in with some snazzy new kit. With more choice than ever, it really is time to ditch those old poly-blend shorts that you've had forever and invest in some style that will go the distance.As usual, we'd love to know what you think - what you're wearing and your favourite brands. Drop us a line.
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ASHMEI 2 in 1 Running Shorts

ashmei 2 in 1 Shorts

  • Merino inner semi-compression short and soft laser cut outer short.
  • Merino fabric regulates body temperature.
  • Inner short prevents chafing.
  • Lightweight outer short drapes well for stylish look.
  • Zipper pocket keeps phone and keys secure.
  • Designed for running, also perfect for the gym, yoga, Crossfit…..
  • Ideal for men with muscular builds.
  • Sizing available from S to XL.
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