Tracksmith launched in July – The “Rapha” of running (one of the founders also co-founded Rapha) – they bring similar vintage styling to running kit, drawing inspiration from collegiate track and field, sporting a very preppy look that wouldn’t look out of place in a Brooks Brothers store. It’s certainly made an impression, they sold out almost immediately and it’s already given rise to a parody site. We’ll be taking a closer look soon so check back for more in-depth reviews, in the meantime we’d love to know what you think: What are your first impressions? Have you got your hands on this coveted kit? Please do feel free to comment.

1. Grayboy T-Shirt
    $55 USD.

2. Van Cortlandt Singlet
    $65 USD.

3. Longfellow Short
    $90 USD.

4. Van Cortlandt Short
    $60 USD.