What To Wear For Broga
We're excited to see a broga movement starting to spread throughout the UK. Having lived in Sydney for a time, it was apparent that yoga is a standard part of many fit guys workout schedules over there, where it's perceived as very athletic. They understand that it challenges the body in new ways, increasing strength, core stability, stamina, mental focus and mobility hence decreasing the risk of injury and ultimately improving performance. Broga® has bought this ethos to Britain and it's about time. So, if you've been put off by the meditation or spiritual side of yoga then Broga® or Bikram hot yoga could be for you.


https://youtu.be/kZEnt2M4ULUReady to join a class? What should you wear? Well, whatever you feel comfortable in, your regular workout kit should be fine. However, we've got a few suggestions to help you feel confident, especially in inverted poses to avoid any awkward peekaboo moments. We'd suggest compression shorts under gym shorts or tapered/slim cut stretch shorts. A close fitting merino t-shirt will keep it out of the way and off your face. Here's our selection for the most functional and stylish kit around:
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STR/KE MVMNT Factor 2 Layer Short

$80 USD

  • Dual layer shorts with spandex inner.
  • Soft fleece outer for comfort and full range of movement.
  • Elasticated waist band for comfort and flexibility.
  • Small pocket in waistband for locker key.
  • Inner shorts protect modesty  during certain poses or for the gym weights bench.
  • Classic retro track and field look – currently on trend.
  • Sizing from S to XXL.
  • Available colours: Light Grey, Dark Grey or Black.
  • strike-mvmnt.com
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